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The Long Tail Search – Understanding niche marketing.

Learn to turn your product or service into something unique to compete with fewer websites selling similar items..Understand how using long tail searches can bring in focused viewers looking for your specific product.

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Debunking the “can’t be optimized” myth

Designing a website using Homestead’s site builder software allows a designer or site owner to create an attractive website that can be optimized for the search engines. Knowing what search engines need to rank a site and being informed about usability and implementing these standards allows the designer to create a successful website using the drag and drop SiteBuilder program. These sites have proven that they can rank/outrank sites built using programs like DreamWeaver, or templates or sites coded by hand.

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Mini Websites – A niche for Web Designers

Homestead website designers can increase their customer base by offering a mini website service to small businesses and organizations who don’t require a multi page website yet would benefit from having a presence on the Internet.

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Keyword density – Don’t over optimize

Information to help the webmaster craft better on page copy with keyword density acceptable for search engines. Over optimized pages can also cause visitors to abandon a site because of poor reading text. Keyword density tools can prevent the overuse of keywords on your pages.

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Design fast loading pages

When designing a website fast loading pages are very important to the success of the site from the perspective of search engines and your site visitors. Here are some tips for creating pages that load quickly.

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Keywords – The real start to SEO and a successful website

Good website optimization begins with keyword research. Keywords are only successful if they are words people actually use in searches. Maximize your optimization by utilizing keyword research tools.

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Do-It-Yourself Website Design With Homestead

Website design entails much more than just a ‘pretty face’. Some thoughts on designing with Homestead’s site builder software and ways to improve the effectiveness of the site.

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