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Keyword density – Don’t over optimize

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Writing good page copy has two goals.

  • Keep a site visitor on your site long enough to buy your products or service.
  • Provide search engines information about your site. This information can help in ranking your site in searches.
Over the years there have been specific keyword densities associated with ranking a website or page. Each major search engine had a specific requirement for the density of keywords in the on page copy.
Keyword density tools were created to provide way to check page copy for its percentage of keywords.There are a number of these keyword tools on the web and many people still use their ‘magic numbers’ in creating website copy.

In all honesty the results may have provided the right percentage of usage for the search engines but in a lot of cases these numbers were and still are, a real turn off for page readers. Win the ranking race but lose the visitor to bad copy. Not a really great situation for a website that depends on generic searches and even worse for those depending on pay for click visitors.

When writing your page copy use these keyword tools as a guide only. The information that these tools provide can ensure you do not overdo keywords.

Algorithms are evolving and many Search Engines are now actually down ranking sites that are over optimized for specific keywords. This makes writing copy directed at search engines rather than people, unwise.

You are better off to simply place the primary keyword in your first paragraph and place it prominently. Make sure that this word/phrase shows up again toward the middle of your copy and in the last paragraph on the page. Beyond that, if it fits use it, but cautiously. Your secondary key phrases should be worked into the page copy as they fit.

Make your page interesting to read and provide good information for your visitor, this can be done and still utilize the important keywords needed by the search engines.

Remember … keyword tools should be used as a guide only and fixating on the numbers can be counter productive if your pages don’t provide good reading for site visitors.

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