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The Long Tail Search – Understanding niche marketing.

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Internet marketing provides small home-based businesses an avenue for advertising that is both inexpensive and extremely frustrating.

It seems so simple to build a web site, publish it to the Internet then be viewed by millions of surfers.  In reality it simply doesn’t work this way.  Unless you have an extremely unique item or service, you are competing with hundreds if not thousands of other websites for possible clients.

The solution to this situation is very simple, make your product unique.
An example is dog treats. If you do a general search on Google for dog treats you come up with a whopping 2,010,000 results. If you have optimized your site for just dog treats you’re going to be lost somewhere in the 2 million plus sites.

However, if you make homemade dog treats and you optimize your site or page for homemade dog treats, the competition is whittled down to about 159,000 sites.  This number may seem large but with good optimization you can achieve a high enough placement to achieve sales.

Let’s take this one step further. If you have done your homework and researched the number of searches that have been done for these terms, you have probably found a considerable number of searches being done for natural pet or dog treats.

The key phrase natural dog treats has over 295,000 search results shown in Google.  This same phrase appears to only generate approximately 120 searches per month.

By utilizing the idea of long tail optimization you focus your page for all natural dog treats. This phrase shows almost 2200 searches per month.

Let’s play with this one a little more, all natural gourmet dog treats have in the neighborhood of 1500 searches being done every month.  Both of these sets of key words can be optimized on the same page.  Usually when people make this specific a search they’re an excellent candidate for sales.

These are just simple examples of taking a common product and refining its description to fit actual searches.  By choosing to refine the key words into a unique and more focused subject you are placing your website or web page in front of fewer searchers but probably in front of more buyers.

This is what the long tail search can accomplish.  Most inexperienced marketers are looking for large numbers of visitors to their sites and this is a common mistake. Focus should be in attracting people who are actually looking for a specific product or service to purchase.

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