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Homestead Users – Where do you get your search engine optimization information?

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Are you wading through pages and pages of internet information that may or may not fit your needs to find useable information on SEO? Is this information current or several years old? Perhaps you have a friend who has a website and is giving you information. Are you visiting forums in the hope of gleaning any useful information or answers to your questions? Are you purchasing or thinking about purchasing videos to help teach you about optimizing your website?

Some thoughts and recommendations that can prevent you from wasting your time and/or money on products and information sources that are incomplete, poorly done, provide incorrect information and don’t give the Homestead user information that applies to a Homestead designed website.

Blogs, Websites and Videos: 

Self promotion is what internet marketing is about. You may find blogs, videos and perhaps websites selling some information to make optimizing your Homestead website quick and easy.

 Search engine optimization is not easy, it is not quick and there are no guarantees.

Anyone can build a blog or website and present themselves as an expert. This is usually done to self promote and assist in selling items or products.

To gather good, sound information join the Homestead Connection Forum. It is free and limited to just Homestead users. We provide helpful hints, guidance and sources of other information. The admin staff and its major contributors have well over 20 years experience with SEO and proper website design. 

Visit this blog often or subscribe to the feed as new information will show up here first, it will be as complete as possible and it will apply to your Homestead website as well as any drop and drag site builder program.

Use the Homestead Connection website that provides tutorials to give you a good foundation on fine tuning your website and installing extra scripts to help customize pages. 

If you are thinking about purchasing information first find out about the seller, how long have they been around? A couple of years ‘experience’ is not long enough to be promoting oneself as an expert. If you see lists of keywords demonstrating their skill in optimizing a website – remember this…if there is no competition you can place anything on the first page! Do not be impressed with lists of highly placed keywords.

Is there a no questions asked money back guarantee on products? If not, don’t spend your money.

Are they selling information that has long been available free to Homestead users either on the Homestead Connection Forum or the HC site?

We have written two books dealing with website design and SEO. SEO Building Blocks is a guide to search engine optimization for the Homestead designed site. Homestead Website Design was written for anyone wanting to start their own web design business or to help a new site owner learn to use the SiteBuilder program properly and understand good usability for both site visitors and search engines.

We provide free updates, and a no questions asked money back guarantee.

 Homestead trusts us enough that they provide links to and promote both the Homestead Connection Forum and our Homestead Website Design book.

 Our goal is to provide you the foundation to understand how SEO works. This will enable you to weather the changes that the search engines undergo from time to time.

 Even if you only use the Homestead Connection Forum, or the Homestead Connection website and/or this blog, you will gain information that is complete enough to do things right. That may not be the case on other websites and blogs….if you want to learn, come to the teachers not the students.

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