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10 Ways to Promote Your Intuit – Homestead Website Locally

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In this day and age a web site is a must-have for businesses large or small. For the business that operates within a specific locale a web site is an invaluable tool.  The Yellow Pages used to be the ‘go to’ place for people to find a business or service; expensive advertising with limited exposure. Thanks to the internet and easy-to-use web site building programs like SiteBuilder from Intuit – Homestead, business owners can now promote their business with full details, contact info, maps to the location, photos and even coupons. Perhaps best of all,  you aren’t stuck with the same content for a year as is the case with a phone directory ad.

So how do you promote your niche market website when your business serves a specific area? Simply having one doesn’t mean you will be found unless your base audience already knows the name of your business or you’ve managed to place high in search placements for your key words. But, don’t overlook the fact that new people move in regularly and there are probably visitors to the area who could possibly be interested in your business or service.  To expand the reach of your website, go outside the web.

Hand out your business card 10 Ways to improve the exposure of your website:

  • Hand out your business card at every opportunity (it has your site address on it right??)
  • Attend local home shows, fairs or craft shows to promote your business/product and pass out your business card or an attractively designed magnet with all your contact info on it.
  • Be sure your website address is on all your correspondence. Invoices, letterheads, etc.
  • If you use your vehicle to advertise your business be sure the site address is included
  • Penny-Saver Online offers free classified ads. There are published editions of Penny Saver or similar classified papers  in most areas. Ads are relatively inexpensive and a good way to reach a broad audience.
  • Local restaurants often use placements that have advertising on them. Depending on the cost, this is a good way to get your name and website in front of people. If you ARE the local restaurant be sure your site address is on the placement.
  • Be a sponsor for a marathon or some other local event where you will be able to include your magnet or brochure or business card in the packet given out to participants.
  • Wear your website address. Have the site address printed on t-shirts, caps, jackets, etc.
  • Some supermarkets and laundromats have bulletin boards that allow you to put up a business card or flyer. People do read them so don’t overlook this freebie.
  • Don’t overlook flea markets for a way to both sell your service or product and put your business information in the hands of many.

What creative ways have you found to promote your business or service website locally?

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