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Move Over SiteBuilder Here comes Plus

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Change is something that either makes us giddy with anticipation or sends us off screaming and pulling out our hair. It’s also the one constant in life … the one thing we can count on to happen. And so it seems that change is looming on the horizon in regards to the desktop SiteBuilder from Homestead/Intuit.

In recent conversations with various Tech Support staff and responses to Help Tickets it has become clear that Intuit is transitioning away from the (beloved) desktop version of SiteBuilder. Many of you are already familiar with SiteBuilder Lite, the rather watered down version of SB that allows limited online editing – SiteBuilder Plus, the replacement for the (did I mention beloved?) desktop version will operate much the same as Lite, only it will be a full-blown editor.

The future of SiteBuilder

Here are some of the known’s about Plus:
• All files are stored/accessed online. With Plus files will no longer on be individual computers.
• You have to be online to work on sites with Plus – Heaven help those of us with iffy/slow internet connections. Good news though for Mac users who will now be able to use SiteBuilder.
• Access will only be available by logging in to your account via the Intuit site, going to your website section and choosing Plus from the drop-down. Gone will be the days of just clicking on a desktop icon to launch SiteBuilder. Currently the two choices under Edit are Download SiteBuilder or SiteBuilder Lite, unless you are already using Plus.
• Currently the old (yes, beloved) SiteBuilder desktop version is receiving updates, but not upgrades – meaning technical tweaks are still happening, but any new bells and whistles aren’t. This has been the case for quite some time. So essentially those of us who use SiteBuilder desktop have been paying for a program that isn’t being upgraded and we’ve never been informed there was an alternative.
• New clients and website designers who sign up new clients should know that they will automatically be put on Plus unless they are using IE7 in which case they get the Intuit version of SiteBuilder. To avoid this you can phone in and ask to be put on SiteBuilder desktop version – but that may only be a temporary thing as the change to seems to be inevitable.

Many of the changes we’ve been seeing of late I’m sure are somehow tied into the switch to Plus. Transitioning all the old Homestead accounts to Intuit, for instance, and I’m sure there are more to come. Currently there are about 4 versions of SiteBuilder. The Intuit version, the Homestead version, SiteBuilder Lite (online only), SiteBuilder Plus (online only) and the .net version of SiteBuilder that many people had to download in order to use SB in Win 7 and Vista. Combining all those accounts ‘under one roof’ has to be a huge job and getting everyone moved to Plus an even bigger one.

As I stated earlier there are a lot of unanswered questions and a lot of conflicting answers – the only thing for sure is that Plus is already in place and being sold to consumers. Whether or not the desktop version will be totally eliminated at some point remains to be verified. So far the response from tech support is Yes and No depending on which Tech you get or who answers the Help Ticket.

What are your thoughts about the possibility of losing the desktop version of SiteBuilder?

See the follow-up post regarding SB and Plus.

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  1. Used Sitebuilder plus and hate it. In order to edit Text no longer can we see the graphics, making placement difficult. Only one page at a time where before we could open several and just click back and forth to go between pages. This is only two of many problems with plus.

  2. Desktop Sitebuilder Big Fan

    Leave desktop sitebuilder alone. I’ve personally worked 1000’s of hours on sitebuilder making lots of websites. I went in to look at sitebuilder plus and even though has some easy to use features, desktop sitebuilder is still my choice. Just give people options…they can keep desktop sitebuilder or move to sitebuilder plus…just leave desktop sitebuilder as it is.

  3. I first found out about Plus when I had a problem with the desktop Sitebuilder. The tech (who knew little, I might add) told me the problem I was having with images could only be solved by switching to Plus, which can be done ONLY by not using the desktop. I took a look at it while on the phone with the tech and immediately decided against it. Once again, a company taking a good product and deciding we don’t need it anymore. Change is not always good.

  4. I LOVE my desktop Sitebuilder!! Please, Please do not take it away!

  5. Why don’t companies like Intuit listen to their customers? I have “desktop” Sitebuilder, and am delighted. Why not have two versions that are both downloadable; Sitebuilder PC and Sitebuilder MAC? That’s all. Then offer upgrades that are true improvements. I guess that would be too simple.

  6. I loved my old sitebuilder, have done everything to get it back, but they act like I’m asking for a kidney! Why are they making it so difficult. I don’t like my head in the clouds!
    Get different answers and solutions from every tech, finally gave up

  7. I have used desk top sitebuilder for years, in fact I liked the older version better then the newer version of the desktop sitebuilder. I definaltely wish the older version was available because I would use that that one. I have tried using sitebuilder plus many times just to see how it was and it stinks, It does not have many of the elements in the desktop sitebuilder I use all the time, it is definately user unfriendly, freezes up quickly, takes forever to build a web page, you can only see one page at a time where as in the desktop sitebuilder you can have as many as 10 or more pages available at the top at any one time where you cannot with plus, whenit loads the picture files you have published in web sites it takes forever for them to load and when they do finally load they are distorted. I hate sitebuilder plus and who ever designed it should be fired inmy opinion, it is enough to keep new customers away. If youwant my opinion from someone whohas used sitebuilder for over 12 years leave the desktop sitebuilder up and alone in fact bring back the older version of sitebuilder before you screwed the desktop sitebuilder up when you updated it to the present version … get rid of sitebuilder plus, no one I know likes it or wil even use it unless they are having aproblems with their desk top sitebuilder and then complain about using it when their DP sitebuilder is not working …. I have been paying for the desktop sitebuilder and want to continue using it but right now it is having problems, like not publishing pages saying my hard drive is full, saying cannot download files because my hard drive may be full and Ihave at least 90 GB of free space …
    Homestead had something great, far better thenany other web site building program on the internet and they screwed it up … fix it and get it back running great againor I am leaving Homestead after all these years of enjoying building web site withhomestead, I refuse to use sitebuilder plus … .

    • Michael thank you for adding your thoughts about SiteBuilder Plus. I’m wondering if the message you get about the hard drive being full is the same one I get from time to time on client sites. If I close that message then SB-desk top finishes loading with no issues. There’s a file in File Manager associated with that message – it’s a temp file and isn’t something I’ve uploaded so has to be coming in from the server side of things – I’ve no idea what it is, but wonder if it might be the cause of some sites having difficulty publishing pages, etc. with desktop version.

      I have a client who was having issues and phoned Tech Support – not fully understanding things he ended up getting switched over to Plus. When I phoned Support to get it switched back the person I got said that we could use both. So ok fine except when I tried working on his site in desk top version it was all haywire so I called Support back and this time the tech I got said that they strongly recommend you not try to use both. Yet, the other day I was looking for some information and ran across a posting in the Help Section about how to retain the elements from reg SB that are no longer available in SB Plus. (Side note for those of you unfamiliar with Plus, they eliminated many of the graphic elements that were offered and used by customers in desktop SB). This post says that if your elements aren’t showing up then you should go to the desktop version and publish from there. Now which is it folks?! Either we CAN use both versions or we CAN’T.

      Intuit has really dropped the ball on so many levels with SiteBuilder. It truly is sad because as you said, SiteBuilder used to be the best builder out there in terms of ease of use and good Tech Support.

      • This is going to be long ………Yes when I try toload a site to edit it I get pop ups that say cannot finish loading file or cannot load file, then when you click onit it contiues to load the file each time you click on it until it looks as if it is loaded … When I try to publish a page in any of the sites I have built for clients it says a error occured when trying to load this file then at the bottom it says upgrade … upgraded just tosee what would happen and the same happened each time. went back to the other sitebuilder program I had ….. Now here is a interesting problems ….. Before I could not use any of the 4 computers I use to build web pages, each one of them got the same messages and pop ups … took out a computer I have not used for a year or more and hooked it up and used it to get on sitebuilder. I could use sitebuilder without any problems none at all … So … I uninstalled sitebuilder from my laptop which has windows 7. I used sitebuilder on windows 7 a lot without anyproblems except for not being able to see the page after it waspublished which was no big problems I just went to the page onthe interenet in the published web site tosee if it published and it always did .. so I did use the desk top sitebuilder with windows 7 ….. Now I can’t, got the same messages that came up on every other computer. Now, I uninstalled site builder from my laptop and re installed it and tried touse it. It loaded OK, no problems or pop ups but when I try to publish a page it freezes up on that page … Once I just left it on the frozen page to see if it would publish, left it on screen for over an hour and when I cme back to it it was still a frozen screen … A few of the sites I built published OK, no problems on the lap top some I could not publish anything … So i went to being able to use windows 7 on my laptop with no problems but the one mentioned to my screen freezing up when trying to publish a web page in many of the sites I built. I also allowed a Homestead tech take control of my computer so he could see what was going on, he tried everything he could he knew of I guess and did not sovle the problems. He then poaded my sitebuilder on his coputer using my homestead ID and password and when he tried to publish a page he got the same message, when he tried to download the sites he got the same pop ups as I did on my computers o his computer at homestead ……. when I talked to a homestead tech on the phone and online in a chat window they said it is my computer so I took my computer to a computer shop , one that knows what they are doing, (EXPERTS in computer technology) …. paid $85.00 to find out there was nothing wrong with my computer. So after talking to a tech online, a tech on the phone and allowing a tech to take control of my coputer no one has been able to figure out what the problems is ….. Below is a link to a page I published with sitebuilder PLUS, it took forever to publish this page with PLUS, a real headache … it has screen shots of the pop ups when trying to download a site to edit and trying to publish a page … with other information about the problems discussed with techs … ……..

        a brief rundown,
        cannot use sitebuilder with woindows 7 any longer, freezes up when trying to publish a page

        hooked up an old computer with sitebuilder on it and tried to use the old sitebuilder, it worked without problems .. this eliminates a problem with any files in any web site built.

        cannot use site builder on any of the other 3 computers I have

        Your thoughts on all this, all opinions are welcome and wanted to help try and solve this problems
        Cannot type anything else in this box, it willnot allow me to, keeps moving to the top .. guess ithas a limit

  8. I imagine your frustration level is over the top after going through all that and wish I had an answer to why this happens.
    I know that SB and Win 7 do not play nice together for many users – but others have no problems. That says to me that it could well be a conflict between SB and something on certain computers – a setting, or ??? BUT I have quite a few client sites on my computer and have had issues with some of them not working correctly, yet the majority are problem free. In one instance I had problems with a client’s site, but things were just fine when he made any edits on his computer.

    Sometimes the VM (Virtual Machine) can be the issue. Did any of the techs have you download/install it?

    Be sure to post if you find or get any solutions as I know there are others out there in the same boat.

    Regards …

  9. I want my desktop SiteBuilder. Sure, it has problems, but with some dedicated fixes and updates, it could be can excellence desktop program. Don’t abandon a good desktop program! Make it better!

  10. cant use sitebuilder on my i mac its a nightmare and have to use my laptop windows 7

    • Regular SiteBuilder has never been Mac compatible, but SiteBuilder Lite is supposed to be useable with Macs although it lacks the bells and whistles of regular SB. SB Plus is purported to be Mac compatible, but is an online only editor so you no longer have the desktop version. Check with Tech Support about using Plus with a Mac.
      Homestead: 1-800-710-1998
      Intuit: 1-800-428-3170
      Calling toll-free from the UK:

  11. Not interested in Sitebuilder online. Prefer and will keep the desktop version of Sitebuiler in spite of its hangups. Would techs to work more on updating the desktop version.

  12. I joined Homestead in the early days back in the late 90’s. Justin’s business plan and easy website creation company REALLY WORK. Leave it to some CEO of the big company Intuit who bought him out to change everything so they can justify their executive position and make changes. BIG BUSINESS CEO’s and GOVERNMENT BUREAUCRATS make things WORSE not BETTER!!! The fact that they have so many complaints and do nothing about it is proof if you ask me!!!

    • Thanks for stopping by Ruth. Couldn’t agree more about Intuit taking SiteBuilder down the drain. Frustrating!

    • I have been using the desktop version of sitebuilder for many many years. During those years I have seen some changes that made sitebuilder one of the best web building programs on the internet. Now ….. with this new sitebuilder plus homestead is fast becoming the worst web site builder program on the internet. This is the worst program I have ever tried to use and I flat refuse to use it ….. it is slow, has half the usable features missing, you can only use one page at a time which in itself to time consuming, you can no longer work off line which causes many problems when the internet is slow or down, it takes foever to build just one page and publish it, it is so user unfriendly it is rediculous, no one the desktop verdion I have talked to likes sitebuilder pluos and wants to use the desktop version, but with all the complaints from homestead custmers about loosing the desktop version homestead still ignores everyone suggestins to continue the desktop over sitebuilder plus …. I am paying to use sitebuilder desktop and if I cannot use desktop I will cancel homestead. It seems to me homestead just does not care about their customers needs and to me that means it is soon time to go somewhere else. Homestead if you want to keep your customers I think you better start listening to what is being said about your sitebuilder plus garbage program ….. it sucks…..


      • Totally agree. I’ve spend 1000’s of hours using sitebuilder and there is no comparison to the slow sitebuilder plus. Sitebuilder is like the great movie that does not need a follow-up movie (that usually is terrible compared to the first movie). Sitebuilder absolutely rocks and is untouchable when it comes website designing!!!!

  13. Sitebuilder Plus is tedious to work with. The original Sitebuilder blew it away. In Sitebuilder Plus something as simple as copying and pasting has become cumbersome. Homestead/Intuit went from offering a pro piece of software to offering a weak hobbyist program. What a joke. What’s with every time you a publish a page you have the opportunity to let everyone know on facebook that you just edited your site. Are you kidding me? I’m not a 12-yr-old who needs to let everyone know what my favorite color is. If this is truly what Sitebuilder has become, I can’t imagine staying with Homestead much longer … and i have been a customer since day 1.

    • Funny … I’m sitting here working on a client’s site who got conned into switching to Plus. I was past frustrated so decided to go read mail and found your comment in there which pretty much expresses my continued opinion of Plus. Takes twice as long, not nearly as easy to use and GOOD GRIEF YES! that pop-up to let the world know you just did something is ANNOYING, ANNOYING, ANNOYING. I can only hope that Intuit will not eliminate the desktop version because I’m outta here along with a few dozen clients if they do!!

      Thanks for posting Tony! and Happy Holiday

      • Happy Sitebuilder User

        Sitebuilder is the king. Using sitebuilder plus is choppy and cannot compare. Take it from someone who has spent 1000’s of hours using Sitebuilder along with 100’s of websites made. I have looked at Sitebuilder Plus and there is no question that it is inferior to the real deal. Just keep Sitebuilder the way it is as there are thousands of happy customers who want to keep it the way it is.

  14. I’ve been using Sitebuilder (desktop) since it came out. Tried using Plus at the suggestion of a CSR at Intuit, and it is at the top of anyone’s P.O.S. line. Impossible to use unless you put aside a full day to update ONE PAGE! My feeling is they would love to just get rid of the desktop and all its users for whatever reason. No sane company would suggest using the web version of Sitebuilder. The day they stop us from using the desktop is the day I, along with, I would think, just about everyone else who uses it, tell them goodbye. And I honestly think they just don’t care.

  15. I am one of the first users of Homestead, and my website is in Spanish. Homestead / Intuit Co. need to update or improve SiteBuilder, with dropdown menus, and other tools. Sitebuilder desktop is best. I hope we will soon have a new desktop sitebuilder. Furthermore, it is compatible with Windows 8.

  16. Sitebuilder plus is a definite few steps backwards… grids, can’t see what your posting, cant re-use the same colors unless you type it in everytime, the pop-up everytime you publish something, you can’t look from page to page, can’t find the files on one page as you could in the desktop version. Why should I be connected to the internet when the desktop was fine? One consistent problem is when you are calling in for support to hear the annoying recording that most help is online….if I could find it online, would I be calling? UGH! I dont get the sense that Intuit or Homestead cares, to be honest.

    • Thanks for the post Loretta and the chuckle … how many times I’ve sat through that recording thinking to myself how it sounds like “Go the hell away you annoying customer, don’t bother us”. But the good news is that Intuit no longer owns the Homestead SiteBuilder!!! Or at least they are in the final stages of ownership. They sold out to a company called Endurance International. I’ve spoken to one of their management personnel and while he wasn’t forthcoming with much info about the direction EI will take with Homestead, he did say that they would be moving Tech Support back to the States and were in the process of training Support Tech people. So perhaps there is hope that they will also see the value in A. Retaining the desktop version and B. Changing the recorded “Go Away” message. 🙂

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  18. Sharandee Barb

    Don’t know what else to say except if they don’t keep Desktop Sitebuilder, I won’t be recommeding Homestead to anyone any longer. Have used Homestead since its inception in the 90’s, and am getting fed up fast. Clients sign up now and then I have to call and have their account deleted and reinstated to enable them to download the desktop version on their computer. Even though I am building their site, they still want the opportunity to make minor changes and work on it too. I myself will not ever use SiteBuilder Plus. Never!

  19. hate Sitebulder Plus. been with Homestead since 2001. working on getting my mind right in preparation to re-build everything I created at another host. To all desktop version folks,

  20. I have posted here several times in regard to sitebuilder plus being a major waste of my time to use which I will update after this notice of importance ……….. in recent post I stated that when I tried to load sitebuilder desktop to use it on my computer it would have pop ups that said my hard drive was full, and several different other notices about loading sitebuilder desktop and when it finished loading it did not work right. this link will tell you theproblems Ihad trying to load sitebuilder desktop …. ……..

    Well come to find out my computer had problems, one was a minor crack in the mother board that had a very fine crack in a solder link between two connections and a loose screw …. this is what was causing all the problems the pop ups were indicating. I found this out when I took my computer to the shop to upgrade the ram and hard drive … they repaired my mother board and after taking it home and loading sitebuilder desktop I had no further problems at all ….. all the pop ups disappeared, have never had a problem since then … no pop ups at all whenloading sitebuilder desktop …. Perhaps if any of you are having similiar pop ups like I had when loading sitebuilder desktop maybe you should have your mother boards looked at … you may find a minor invisible problem causing site builder desktop not to work right … They found the problems with my mother board by going over it with a magnafying glass … that is how small the crack problem was. I took my other computers to the shop to have them looked at that were having problems loading sitebuilder desktop and they also found minor problems with the mother boards, had them fixed and now no problems loading sitebuilder desktop … all my computers now can load sitebuilder desktop including my lap tops without any problems and site builder desktop works with no problems …. thought I would pass this information along just in case some of you have had the same problems I have had loading sitebuilder desktop ….. I know when I was talking to a customer service tech he would have similiar problems on his computer at homestead when he loaded sitebuilder desktop …. no one at homestead could figure out why I was having all these pop ups happening when I tried to load sitebuilder desktop … the one tech nailed it when he said it may be my computer but when Ihad it checked they could not find anything wrong with my computer until whenI took it back and they went over the mother board with a magnafying glass and found the cracks ….

    Now back to this sitebuilder plus night mare …. I state and swear on a bible … I will not use sitebuilder plus at all … I hate it, it is slow, unfriendly, can’t work off line with sitebuilder plus, it is missing many of the features I use in site builder desktop, takes forever to publish a page, takes forever to build a page, has major problems with elements, has distorted images on pages, takes forever to load a image to a page, you cannot work on several pages at a time, your only limited to working on one page, if you try to bring up another page you loose the page you were working on, save does not work all the time, you loose work that took hours to do, when your computer is running slow it is a nightmare to use even worst then when your computer is running fast … you have a hard time lining up elements because of poor grids, and there is a lot more I could add to the list …. who ever thought up sitebuilder plus should be fired. Sitebuilder desktop is or was the greatest web site building tool on the internet until the sitebuilder plus started up … when sitebuilder plus started up homestead forgot about sitebuilder desktop and let it go by the way side. Even with sitebuilder desktop never being updated it is still the best sitebuilder program homestead has, it kicks sitebuilder pluses ass in a thousand different ways. Homestead if you discontinue sitebuilder desktop I guarantee you you will loose 90 percent of your business and you will disappear from the interent as a web site building company.

    • Good grief Mike, you certainly are hard on mother boards! 🙂 Really appreciate your posting the solution for your issues. Hopefully it will indeed help others. I bet it feels good to be ‘back in the saddle’.

      As for SiteBuilder Plus I can only nod in agreement with your comments. I mean seriously who doesn’t include Spell Check in a program that uses text? Sheesh. It’s so obvious that Intuit just threw Plus together to make a quick buck. I’m betting it cost them more to write and print out the ‘canned’ excuses for the off-shore tech support than it did for their development team to write the program.

      It makes me sad because desk top is such a fantastic tool for both beginning web masters and the more seasoned. I can only hope that the new management is as concerned about their long time clientele as they are new ones. What I truly don’t understand is why they are even pursuing Plus. There are dozens of online based website building programs out there that put Plus to shame and they are much cheaper. So why not stick with and improve upon the one builder that is different, has more functionality, is twice as user-friendly, much less ‘buggy’?

      Anyway … thanks again for sharing both your fix and thoughts.

      • LOL, well not really a laughing matter but …… it is not that I am hard on mother boards, the problem was not being hard on mother boards as I also thought but could not figure out how I could be hard on them if I never moved them in any way ……….. I have never dropped a desktop computer or my laptops for the matter so I wondered how a crack could form on the mother board so I asked the techs …. come to find out if parts of the mother board gets to hot from a lot of use or constance continuious use it can cause a crack from over heated elements like the solder and wireing … hair line cracks are a trouble maker since you really can’t see them on a physical check of the mother board without really looking hard and close …. also the the capasitors and other elements can become defective on the mother board causing the same sort of problems I was facing …. this comes from hard usage and long time wear … sometimes in hot weather the fan cannot keep up with cooling the componets in the desktop and this also can cause the mother board to crack from swelling and then reducing from heat and moisture …. at any rate my problems have been solved by repairing the mother boards .. I hope this will help many who are having problems as I had.

        I also agree with what you said 1000% … Homestead better open their eyes and pay attention to their customers .. without us they have no business, gee, I wonder why that is so hard to understand …. If they want to have sitebuilder plus, they can, it is their time they are wasting and their money, as long as they keep sitebuilder desktop and keep updating it and begin to add the features needed in todays online world such as online videos that you can access on phone operating systems … I have a client who needs his videos to be seen on phone operating systems and homestead cannot offer that but other web site companies can … they do not want to use you tube as their video access they want control of it in the web site not on you tube … which I can understand and agree with … You know I really find it hard to believe that homestead see’s sitebuilder plus as a positive way to go, it is completely useless in so many ways … cheaper is not better in business, cheaper can cause a business to go out of business …


  21. Well I hope you bring back the stellar desktop version for those who KNOW it works so well. I hated what happened to Homestead and left Intuit. If you, bring back the good stuff will come back, over 12 years I worked with that program until the mess they made of your good name. SO????? are you? Ruth Chapel or Kirkpatrick, built many websites.

  22. All I can say is thank goodness I’m not alone. I thought my 36 hour marathon trying to simply add some images to my customer’s website under a time constraint for a critical presentation was going to kill me. I’ve never experienced software that was such a failure, and that was forced upon me. Like so many of you I have been with Homestead for over 10 years, and have always been such a loyal customer that I would go nowhere else and I have recommended them a hundred times over. I was left hung out to dry with work piling up from my customers and the tools to accomplish that work ripped out of my hands.

    I was going to send them a comment to the tune of what the hell happened, and then I searched to see if I was alone. I see I am certainly not alone. There is no way I can remain with Homestead now and so I don’t only have to move a dozen websites elsewhere, but I’ll be further behind with the changes already waiting my attention. I am so disappointed.

    • It’s terribly sad watching a once great site builder go in the toilet. Appreciate your posting Sue and hope that things work out well for you.

      the other Sue

  23. I am very concerned about losing Site Builder Desktop. I tried using the SB Plus with on my Mac, it was a disaster; time consuming and frustrating, with limited options.

    I will continue to use the Desktop program, as long as it is available, due to it’s ability to be used off-line.

    The new company states they are: “cloud based” . That does not bode well.

  24. I am really concerned about loosing the desktop sitebuilder, as my two websites are for a small charity in the UK. We cannot afford the big bucks web designer charge over in the UK so the price of the desk top site builder allows use to use a volunteer to design and build a descent website for a modest sum.

    I have been a member since the days when Homestead was free, back then a lot of free providers were closing down with out a word to their members who lost there websites over night, but Homestead consulted there members on how much we were prepared to pay each month to keep the service going.

    A price was agreed and Homestead carried on as the CEO of the company really cared about the members of his company.

    Maybe if EI was to open up and talk to its fee-paying members and find out what they think about the two different site builders they might find the consensus is to close down the inferior web version to save money, and concentrate on keeping the desktop version going until some updates can be found at a later date

    • Homestead sitebuilder is a great desktop program. Sorry that it is going the way of many other great desktop web builders. When Intuit bought Homestead sitebuilder it appears to have been only for additional retinue. This is based on the fact no updates or upgrades were ever made after 2007. Now that they gotten all that they can from it, they are dumping it off on a new server, who is making no promises. The current trend is online sitebuilders with less functions and even less customers control. Worse idea ever.

  25. I, too, have a problem with the switch. The Sitebuilder Plus online is a huge mistake for Intuit. I have documented on my sitethe many problems (, enter homestead in search engine). Nobody seems to respond – I wonder if the President of Intuit knows what a mistake this is – will this be a classic business school case booboo?!!!
    Thanks for setting up this site.

  26. Big mistake for Intuit. I wonder if the President of Intuit is fully aware of this potentially classic business case example of ruining a good thing. I’m trying to work with them now, but they never contact me after the help advisors say they’ll pass the info on (, enter “homestead” in search engine to see what is occurring). I hate to lose the excellent desktop version – and also have to move my sites somewhere else!

    • Keith, Intuit sold out to Endurance International earlier this year. They are in the process of transitioning away from the Intuit branding, moving support back to the states and taking a look at the overall picture including the possibility of keeping the desktop version of SiteBuilder. No promises made, but the rhetoric is that they do seem to understand the value of desktop.

      • I moved away from Intuit last November and what I trip had in rebuilding my site. The server I have now has a desktop sitebuilder, However, it is not as functional as Homestead Sitebuilder desktop. I have to add a lot of HTML codes to add functions that are common in Homestead Sitebuilder desktop and nav bar sucks but I manage.

        If this Endurance International keeps the Homestead desktop sitebuilder and updates it, then I would consider returning to it. However, everything I have read here suggests that the situation with Homestead Sitebuilder desktop is still iffy.

      • Hi Evelyn,

        Glad you are following the posts and commenting. Here’s what I know, which isn’t much. I guess I squeaked long enough that I finally got a call from the Director of Sales and Support for the ‘new’ Homestead. As I mentioned in my post below to Keith the two things that are in the works are support moving back to the states and the removal of Intuit branding. No promises on the future of desktop, but I was more optimistic after speaking with him. He has worked with Homestead since it began so has been through the changes, realizes the value of desktop and it sounds like the new parent company, Endurance International, is taking a good hard look at desktop and it’s importance to their bottom line. Unlike Intuit I got the feeling that this will be a much more customer oriented leadership and they are listening to the input from desktop users. One of my complaints is communication and we spoke about the importance of keeping the customer base informed about what’s going on – even bad news is better than being left in the dark!

        The downside of course is time – I don’t think there are many of us who realize just how complicated the switch must be or what all is involved for the development team. I’m not the type of person you can placate with ambiguous words like ‘we’re studying it’ and a pat on the head. I’m willing to be patient to a point, but if there isn’t communication about the direction Homestead is going my wheel is likely to get very squeaky again!

        Homestead users need to keep speaking up – post here or on the Forum. The time to be heard is BEFORE the bad news arrives.

        Here’s hoping you get to come back Evelyn!!

      • User of sitebuilder

        I’ve looked at MANY website builders on the internet and homestead sitebuilder IS SIMPLY THE BEST. No other sitebuilder even compares to the great functionality of it. It is a masterpiece!

  27. Are we being forced to change to Site Builder Plus? Well just look at this for a slap in the face, my friend was using Site Builder Light and as she was attempting to log in

    she gets the box that said (You can no longer use this site builder software please download site builder plus). It looks very much like we are all going to be forced to use Sit Builder Plus whether we like it not.

    Members it is time we demand an end to this treatment. I am a charter member of Homestead I have been with Homestead when it was free and I have been very happy

    with homestead. I have built my business to over 70 web site customers and I pay Homestead every year a lot of money and I have threatened to pull all of my business

    out and go with another hosting company that will treat me and my business with the support and respect that it deserves.


    My friend called Homestead and asked what is the reason she is being forced to use Software that is not what she is happy with. They told her “well everybody will have to

    start using Site Builder Plus and If they don’t like it too bad because the old Software Desktop Site Builder is becoming unstable and unusable of Windows 7 and 8”

    Well all I have to say about that is, update the software to keep up with the latest technology or get ready to close down and go out of business.

  28. I have commented on this site before about having to use Site Builder Plus ….. I hate it and I will not use it. What these people do not understand is that their customers have to be happy and use decent site building programs or this company will go out of business quicker then they can blink a eye …. site builder Plus is so miserable to use it gives me a headache. It will not even come close to the desk top site builder. site builder plus … you cannot work on web pages off line, important templates are missing and some of the templates donot even work they way they are suppose to on plus …. it takes forever to even build a web page and you can only work on one page at a time … miserable … Homestead use tobe the best on the interent until they started trying to make changes to site builder, stopped updating to present needs and times, and when they decided to make Plus, that was their biggest mistake … I have also made many web sites using Desk top site builder and if Homestead closes the desk top site buildeer I am going to go somewhere else where they respect their customers needs and havenot become so money hungery that they forgot how to treat their customers … I will roll on the floor and laugh my rear end off when all Homesteads clinets leave them to go somewhere else. but I will be very sad that I had to go somewhere elsee because I have really enjoyed using Homestead Desk top site builder … It was even better before they started trying to make changes that theysaid would improve it … theonly thing they did was to remove important templates that were important to web pages. I thought for sure when someone took over things would change for the better and they would fix the desk top site builder, bring back some of the things they removed and add features that are up to date with todays needs on web pages as for instance … videos that can be watched on cell phones and android phones as well as linex formats … site builder has so many flaws it would take a whole page to list them and chat about them. I would do this but I don’t know how …. some one should send them this forum so they could read everything everyone is saying so they would know just where theystand if they delete desk top ,,…. fix the desk top for heavens sakes, update it so it will work on windows 7 and 8 and delete sitebuilder plus .. the only thing thatis good for isactually nothing because it gives you a headache just trying touse it. I can go on but talk gets us nowhere. I think I will call them tomorrow and discuss this issue with them in length for all the good it will do but I willget it off my chest …


  29. Homestead is a just a name. When the original creators sold-out Site Builder was doomed. I understand the new owner have pretty must the same opinion as the previous one, which is why I deleted their “come back” to Homestead email. they kite the desktop Sitebuilder in the names of profit and progress. I’ll have nothing to do with them again. I left last November.

  30. Wow I can see now that I’m not the only one thats not happy with the new sitebuilder plus.
    I will definetly hold off building my welding site now with them, just in case I decide to dump my my account with Homestead.
    Right now Im stuck with sitebuilder plus, it won’t let me use the desk to version, now i’m realy not happy at all.
    Time is money to me and with this new scre*ed up sitebuilder plus , its slowing me down. The old site builder desktop version was much better and user friendly. Would I recomend Homested to a friend ? No
    not now, unless they let us have the old desktop version back.

  31. If they do away with site builder desktop I will close my accounts and
    and give my business to someone else.

  32. I can’t even edit (or see) several of my pages in Sitebuilder desktop in Windows 8. It’s like they dont’ even exist. I’m preparing to jump ship because this is unacceptable.

  33. Ive been using desktop since 1996..button attributes like color text rollovers are gone in PLUS.. one choice of buttons now..I can make my own in Photoshop but sometimes it’s nice to have an automatic color change, and simple button tuning. Still no drop down menus, many features are gone. When will intuit be finalized and the new takeover make homestead even up to par with free sites that offer a landscape of new and up to date tools?

    • Intuit is out of the picture – has been for about a year. I had hoped that when EI took over that there might be some transparency in what their intentions were, etc. Silly me!! I feel like a mushroom.

      • I also talk with the techs.. yeah they keep telling me this platform is going to be the new upgrade and anything new will be on this platform PLUS (which makes sense) I’m waiting… they kept telling me in the beginning of the year. We will wait and see.

    • I bailed. Switched to and love all the bells and whistles and the awesome apps. Got my customers moved, next up is my own site.

      • WOW I took a look at WIX very nice set of tools.. But will you be able to make unlimited websites?

      • I didn’t select the “connect domain” version, because my customers don’t want Wix advertising on their websites. I purchased their “unlimited” plan for each of my customers and I was told that each purchased plan could have as many domains under it as I wanted. My goal is to always design a website that my customers can make their own changes to. The death of Site Builder took that away from me. And Wix is so much better anyway. Thanks Homestead for pushing me off the cliff!

  34. Here’s the link with instructions for the clean install if Sitebuilder Desktop is forcing you to switch …enjoy

  35. JUST A NOTE…Anything you build in plus will no longer work in desktop. But converting back to desktop your changes still show up when published. Also most tools still work in plus from Desktop.Even the smooth type attribute. I noticed when I had smooth text in desktop..Then went over to Sitebuilder PLUS it showed these were not editable (in text box)…but had the tools on the side to choose a custom font.

  36. Nice Job Homestead ……… You have screwed up one of the best group e-mail list features there was … what else are you going to do to screw up the Desk Top Homestead site builder … there was nothing wrong with the e mail list or group e mail list … go ahead, continue to ruin the best site building program on the internet … you’re doing a great job of it … Your new site building program is a dog, no one likes it that has used the desktop site builder …. but what do you care … you do not really care about your customers because if you did you would get rid of that so called garbage you call a site builder (Plus) and make the Desk top site builder bigger and better … and then continue to be the top site building place on the internet … keep going and your going to lose most of your loyal customers … Me included … because I am close to going somewhere else … losing the e-mail accounts I had set up for all my sites may have been the last straw … Now I have to pay for something extra and then charge my customers more money … how is it that you do not know when you have something so great that it beats any other site building program on the internet ….. I know of many that have already left Homestead due to your poor choices and decisions. but then again it seems you do not listen to your customers. You can kiss me good bye as soon as I can find a site building program that I can trust again … You have lost my trust big time … Perhaps you should go on line and read what your customers are saying about Homestead these days … Maybe then you will start to listen to your customers but then again I doubt it … none of you will learn until you have completely destroyed Homestead …. I welcome a reply from you … but that doesn’t seem to be something you do either … keep your customers informed.


  37. I called the other day to speak with my SEO and after about twenty minutes of waiting the phone went dead. $120 a month for nothing.

    • Homestead should have left well enough alone.Wait 30 mins to talk to tech support since everything is a nightmare there.They don’t backup your files.I lost a few pages with no restore possible.Had to redo and make a new site.Lost my status in search engines as well Lost all of my pictures.The new builder is horrible.Thanks but no thanks.I am furious after 12 years and now a disaster.

  38. I absolutely LOVE the desktop version, and have used it for many years! It gives me the ability to work on my site at my business, at home, or wherever I take my laptop.

    Hoping that we are able to keep it, as I do NOT like the “Plus” version that one has to use online. Not only can I not easily see other pages, to compare them, but it limits what I can do while editing.

    PLEASE, whatever you can do to encourage the new company to keep it, do so. All those of you who have used and loved the desktop software – make your voices heard!

  39. I wouldn’t bet the ranch on them offering any further updates on the desktop. I can’t imagine using Plus full-time…I do use it occasionally for file management, but that’s it. The fact that you can’t have more than one page open at a time is a dealbreaker. One of the CSR guys at Homestead (who was very nice, in spite of it all) told me that Site Builder desktop was designed for use with Windows 95-98, and they’re not about to update it.

  40. I was invited to switch to Plus maybe a year ago by customer support …told that eventually everyone would be on it. I opted to wait. Glad I did. I’m becoming more familiar with other site building programs — desktop and online — just in case I need to bail on Homestead after 14 years. I LOVE the Sitebuilder Desktop.

    • Dec 2015 I also have the desktop sitebuilder and cannot believe how this new company has screwed it up so bad.They also wiped out half my sites and no backup!If I try and bring different pictures stored on sitebuilder the whole program freezes up.What a mess! they should have never touched it..It was perfect!

      • Happy New Year!
        I work between both the old favorite desktop version and also have to use Plus for those clients who were conned into using it. Desktop is still my preference hands down!
        Going to suggest you see if Tech Support can help you sort out some of your issues. Log in to your account at Click on Help in the upper right then select View Help and post your problems. The Community is much more helpful than Live Chat or Phone.
        Best of Luck

  41. I have been experiencing something new gone wrong with desktop site builder …IOt frreezes up quickly, the cursor blinks like mad and you cannot highlight to copy or delete or even edit a word for a long time and that is if you can at all … trying to get pictures from the gallery is a pain in the rear end now … you can sckoll down for a liitle to find a picture but after it goes so far it freezes up and youhave to restart the site builder … I HAVE DELETED THE OLD VERSION i HAD ON MY COMPUTER BUT i REALLY HATED TO DO THAT … BUT RE INSTALLING IT DIDNOT CHANGE ANYTHING … IT STILLFREEZES UP, CURSOR BLINKS LIKE MAD FOR A LONG TIME GHEFORE YOUCAN USE IT TOMAKE CHANGES TO WORDS ETC … PICTURE GALLERY STILLFREEZES UP …. WHAT THE HELL DID THEY DO TO THE SITE BUILDER DESKTOP … ARE THEY TRYING TO FORCE EVERYONE TOUSE THAT MISERABLE LONLINE WASTE OF TIME ….???? I have used the desktop site builder for at leash 12 to 15 years without problems … now there are all kinds … and to put the icing on top the cake they deleted group e-mails andnow youhave to pay to have a group e-mail and my customers are leaving me one after the other dsaying they arenot going to pay for a e-mail system whenit should come withthe web site … can’t blame them at all … this is becomeing a miserable site building experience after all the time Ihave been using desktop …. excuse my spelling but I am sort ofpissed and typing fast … it has taken me 7 hours just to complete on page of a web site and it does nothave much on it … Ihad to keep x ing out of site builder and restarting it to get things done and now whenyourestart it all thepages that were up you were using areno longer there … everytime yourestart site builder desktop it erases all the pages that you had up working on and you have to start all over bring up the pages you need to work on … no longer can you x out of site builder and expect the p afges youhad up tobe there whenit restarts … this sucks … time to go somewhere else …anyone else having these issues with desktop site builder … Myabe it is my computer but it would have tobe all 4 computers I use because the same thing happens on all 4 of my computers and they are on different lines ….

    • Sorry to hear about your issues Mike. I’m sure you’ve probably tried all the usual, but in case you haven’t here are some things to try – in no particular order:
      1. Defrag the computer
      2. Close the computer down – don’t just restart
      3. Close any other programs you have running
      4. Do another uninstall-reinstall.
      If none of that works then phone Tech Support at 1-800-710-1998 – They will try to switch you to the online version but just be adamant that you want to stay with desktop. OR go to their ‘Community’ and post your issue. Log in to your account and click on the Help button.

      Hope you get back up and running soon.


  42. Move over plus bring back sitebuilder

    • I don’t agree with you.For many years its was fine and worked easily.Now its a nightmare.Lost pages, name it, Its not easier then site builder.Yes call tech support and wait for 30 mins to be told to change to the new whatever! Do you backup photos answer No.How do pages go missing,lost forever??????

    • Sometimes a good thing is unappreciated.You don’t know when you had a good thing.I might note read your comments on the great new plus! It sucks

      • Just remember we pay you because we liked the product.You might be making a big mistake.I have not even tried the plus-0 completely yet but I can tell you its a 0

      • Well cc I think you’ve beaten this dead horse enough. A couple of things I think you might have misconstrued:
        1. I am not a fan of SB Plus. The article was in defense of the desktop version.
        2. Your comment, “Just remember we pay you because we liked the product.You might be making a big mistake.” You haven’t paid me anything – I’m not Homestead.
        Anyway, thanks for visiting the blog and best wishes out there in web land.

  43. Sorry,Im sure you do understand.I lost everything!Pictures and files! and Im mad to say the least!I thought the answer was from homesteadso I apologise

    • I’m sure you’re not only mad, but heartsick as well and I’m sorry you’re going through this.
      I would suggest you go to the Homestead Community and present your problem to them. The guys there are very helpful and much more savvy than the tech support on phone or chat.
      Just log in to your site at and on the Getting Started page click on Help in the upper right corner – then click on View Help.
      Create your post giving them as much info as you can about what happened, etc.
      I hope they are able to help you out with this.


  44. How come Homestead seems to be totally deaf to their clients and their needs? I share 100 % all the criticism presented when it comes to the Sitebuilder “Plus” – and Orwellian name for downgrading the service that customers originally subscribed to and still pay for. Those that have not already migrated to another service provider. How can any service provider be this arrogant – or incompetent? – and still stay in business?

  45. alwaysinvestigating

    I posted earlier, under my own name. I do not understand why Homestead does not “get it”, either. The desktop downloadable Site Builder is wonderful. I tried Site Builder Plus, and it was a nightmare. Who wants to struggle with that, when the Site Builder that is on one’s own computer works great?

    They have been turning a deaf ear to its clients; the very clients that pay them. We also do not want to go to Dudamobile to make our sites mobile. That “mobile option” should be part of Homestead package without additional charge. They are way behind the times, and I agree that Site Builder Plus is a step backward – a HUGE step!

    • If the online site builder goes so do I.I was playing around with wix sitebuilder.Its ok! Nothing will beat the old sitebuilder.I find it hard to believe this new group of owners aren’t tired of the complaints


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