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S&J web design and SEO firm has over 20 years of cumulative experience using Intuit websites by Homestead site building software. In late 2007 we combined forces and launched S & J Enterprises. Our website design services a variety of businesses, large and small. We have also written two e-books dealing with SEO and designing with Intuit websites by Homestead. We run a successful Forum for users of the Homestead – Intuit program, as well as a companion site that offers tutorials and information on enhancing the SiteBuilder program. We also maintain sites and update SEO for several of our clients.

Through our years of using the Intuit – Homestead SiteBuilder program we have learned the best ways to present a site so that viewers have a web-friendly experience, as well as how to optimize Homestead designed sites to attract the search engines.


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  1. I am learning quite a bit from your ebooks seo building blocks,
    and homestead website design.

  2. I have several SCR Sllide Shows on my site and have the following question: In the past I have always uploaded all the photos contained in each Slide Show, however I noticed today that a very large Slide Show SCR file was uploaded, published, but I forgot to upload the photos. To my surprise when I asked a few of my contacts to view my site and click to view the show, it loaded and viewed perfect. I have plenty of space available, but do I really need to upload the photos. It’s odd that the SCR file was about 25mb and total mb of all the photos is about 100mb. If I do not need to upload the photos, then I will just delete the photos and leave the SCR file there. If I have any changes to the show, I would just create the show again and uploade. Thanks for your help. BTW, Your Customer Service is tops and all the reps always have an answer. I will call customer Service later if necessary. I’m posting this message just in case it takes me a long time to reach a rep by phone tomorrow.

    • Hi Herman!
      I’m afraid you have us confused with Homestead-Intuit. While we have sites, this blog and a Forum that focus on the SiteBuilder program and offer help to those who use it, we aren’t on their payroll.

      When you create your slideshows with SCR you upload the photos to that program, it then creates a file that contains the images. So when you upload the file to SiteBuilder the photos are already there. The program (SCR) compresses the photos which is why you would see a smaller file size for the file vs what the photos would weigh if you uploaded them without optimizing them first.

      Hopefully you’ll get the same answer from Tech Support when you call them! 🙂

      Best Regards,
      Homestead Connection


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