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10 Ways to Promote Your Intuit – Homestead Website Locally

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In this day and age a web site is a must-have for businesses large or small. For the business that operates within a specific locale a web site is an invaluable tool.  The Yellow Pages used to be the ‘go to’ place for people to find a business or service; expensive advertising with limited exposure. Thanks to the internet and easy-to-use web site building programs like SiteBuilder from Intuit – Homestead, business owners can now promote their business with full details, contact info, maps to the location, photos and even coupons. Perhaps best of all,  you aren’t stuck with the same content for a year as is the case with a phone directory ad.

So how do you promote your niche market website when your business serves a specific area? Simply having one doesn’t mean you will be found unless your base audience already knows the name of your business or you’ve managed to place high in search placements for your key words. But, don’t overlook the fact that new people move in regularly and there are probably visitors to the area who could possibly be interested in your business or service.  To expand the reach of your website, go outside the web. How to increase awareness of your website …

Mini Websites – A niche for Web Designers

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Can a single page website be of value?

There is a segment of the business population who simply don’t require a large multiple page website. But, having a web presence would definitely add to their customer base and the potential for increased sales or allow a group a convenient way to keep their membership informed.

Marketing gurus preach time and again the importance of having a website. Yet most-many-a lot of these small businesses either don’t think a website would benefit them, feel they can’t afford it, or they plan to do it themselves and never get around to it. 

These businesses aren’t involved in national or international sales. Rather they are small industries and organizations or service industries. The businesses are often owned and operated by one or two people and offer a specific service or product within a localized area. 

Following are just a few of the industries that could benefit from a mini website:

Electricians and Plumbers
Dog Groomers
Adult and Day Care
Butcher Shops, Organic Food Mart
Taverns and Cafes
Barbers and Hairdressers
Handyman and Painters
Attorneys and Accountants
Non-profit Organizations
Homeowners Associations
Service Organizations

The key to these types of businesses is that their customer base generally knows what they want, they just need to know who offers it, where they are located and how to contact them.  A one page website offers enough room to give the visitor an overview of the value of the service/product offered, contact information, including a map and even allows for the business to include special offer coupons or monthly/seasonal specials.

A mini website is like handing out a business card on the web.  It puts a business or organization in front of a larger consumer base and just makes good marketing sense.  In today’s economy the more a business can do to attract customers the more apt they are to be in business tomorrow.

For web designers this niche market would be good to tap into. Best bet to reach this market is to advertise your service locally in the newspaper, post flyers, hand out your business card whenever the opportunity arises, make direct contact with someone you know who could benefit from a mini website. Be prepared to explain how a single page website can help the particular business or organization.

The mini website can definitely serve to help the small business or local organization attract new customers/members and increase both their visiblity and credibility.

Homestead web site designers have the ability to make these mini-sites quickly and affordably. They should definitely be in your list of services offered.